About Us

Rotary: You may never have heard of Rotary. – Founded in 1904, with members in more than 160 countries, of all languages, races and religions, united in Rotary’s ideals of friendship and service, it is a powerful group for good in the world. We help people who have less or are suffering, or need access to education, both in our local communities and internationally.

Rotary has, with other organizations, been spearheading the eradication of polio, worldwide, one country at a time – since 1984 and continuing today, when there are only two countries left in the world with polio. For more information on Rotary’s campaign to end Polio globally please visit https://www.endpolio.org/

To fundraise for our work we have annually run a live auction and an ‘oyster party’. However, with no fundraisers during the current pandemic, our support to local charities including food banks and a women’s shelter, and to a maternity clinic and a ’water and sanitation’ project in Africa, are coming to a standstill.

Friends of Rotary: In addition to club members, several ‘friends of the Rotary club of Montreal-Lakeshore’ have also contributed: One of them, Vicki Horsfield, is running an after-school for indigent children in Guatemala. If you want to learn about her efforts, visit www.creatingopportunitiesforguatemalans.org.

If you’d like to know more about our club, which recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and continues to find ways to support local charities either by direct action or by raising funds, please visit www.rotarymontreallakeshore.com.

Recipes: There are no restrictions attached to our offer for recipes – they are free and can be shared. But if, when you have tried one or more, and are pleased with them and would like to support our efforts to help others, we would, of course, be exceedingly pleased to receive your donation ! Every donated Dollar goes to charity.